Chinese Herbal Medicine Services in the Eastern Suburbs

Working on the same diagnostic basis as acupuncture, Chinese herbalism works by re-establishing the natural balance and harmony within the body. We may recommend and offer a herbal formula that works in combination to treat the person as a whole. Each formula is designed to address your needs to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

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Types of Herbs utilised in Herbal Medicine

The herbs come in many forms and can be taken as a tea, and is most suitable for people with complex problems, as the formula can be modified according to an individual’s signs and symptoms as they progress with their treatment.

How does herbal medicine work?

In many cases, herbal medicine works with the law of opposites. If a patient’s system is too cold, herbs are prescribed to warm the body. If a system is too hot, herbs are prescribed to cool the body. If a patient has a feeling of drained energy and fatigue, herbs may be offered to lift and transform the energy.  Since there are so many variables when it comes to each individual case, every herbal formula is customised so that each patient receives exactly what they need.