Online Consultations

Not living in Sydney? Living remotely? No problem.

Wherever possible, it’s best to see a qualified herbalist for a face to face consultation. However, we do realise that not everyone has access to a herbalist.

Each person is unique. Different constitutions call for different approaches. Herbal consultations with us are based in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and are personalised to meet your needs. Consultations can be conducted via Skype or Facetime which also gives us the chance to check your tongue.

Herbal consultations take 45 minutes and include an in-depth patient case history, and where relevant a physical examination and review of medical tests including blood work. Follow-up consultations are required for all conditions, with more complex conditions requiring longer treatment protocols. 

We will work together to find the root of the issue so we can invite lasting balance back into your body. We will then create a custom blended formula for you which focuses on the systems in your body that are calling for support.This blend of herbs works harmoniously together to balance your individual constitution.

Your herbs will be prepared by an online dispensary, herbs will be sent directly to your home address. They are packaged in a way that can be dropped off at your mail box, reducing the need for inconvenient trips to the post office.

Online consultations are available:

Morning sessions

8am to 12pm — Tuesday to Friday

Evening sessions

8pm to 9pm — Monday to Friday

If these times don’t suit you, please contact us under and we can try to find a time that suits better.

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