Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Acupuncture can support you through your pregnancy to promote good health and prepare you for the birth of your baby. It is a safe, natural way to tackle some less enjoyable aspects of being pregnant.

Pre-birth acupuncture offers a safe treatment with the aim of promoting natural labour. Specific acupuncture protocols help prepare the body for birth. The emphasis of these treatments is to help the pelvis to release and to create space for the cervix to soften.

Labour preparation

Acupuncture sessions help mom-to-be prep for the big day by calming anxiety and big emotions, relaxing muscle tension, and preparing the cervix for labour. Research shows that labour in first-time mothers was reduced from eight hours and two minutes to six hours and 36 minutes in the acupuncture group. Treatments start at 36 weeks. Acupressure points will also be shared to use in labour to reduce pain and promote progression in labour.

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Labour Preparation

Pre-birth Acupuncture involves weekly treatments beginning at 36 weeks gestation to prepare women for childbirth. Pre-birth Acupuncture has positive effects on a Woman’s preparation for the smoothest labour possible by preparing the woman’s body for birth with emphasis on the cervix, pelvis and baby’s positioning.

How acupuncture during pregnancy may help

Pre-birth acupuncture may help to improve the following:

  • nausea & morning sickness
  • headaches & body pain
  • digestive problems
  • insomnia and tiredness
  • preparation for labour

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